Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Cost of a Doula

Recently, several families have mentioned after a birth that having a doula was definitely worth all the money spent.  One mom said a doula is worth her weight in gold.  In today's market, that's quite a lot!

A birth is a lifetime journey that leaves a lasting memory on families.  So if that memory can be smoothed out, supported, ending up in a great memory, what is that worth?  A baby is worth the journey - but the journey imprints your memory also.

So what is the memory most families have when they have doula support - usually a good one.  That is why I started doing labor support - to help one family at a time leave with a great memory.

I have found over all the years, that even the most reluctant dads who are concerned about the cost of a doula, have felt it was worth every cent after the birth.  Why?  What does the fee cover?

A doula's fee can range from a donation to several hundred dollars.  Each doula is unique in what she offers for that fee. But I feel the biggest part of the fee is that a doula has to live her life on call.  It is a difficult way to live but if you really love what you do - you are willing to sacrifice your time and scheduling for that family who needs your support.  We never know what doctor's appointment we will miss, family dinner, sleepless night, missed vacation, leaving a movie early....I missed a root canal three times due to births.

The fee covers the prenatal support - a good listening ear when there is emotional support needed, suggestions, referrals, preparing for the birth - all part of a doula's role.

The birth itself - some have taken a few days - being ready to run when the family has a need - phone support 24 hours a day - and physical support during the birth.  That is part of a doula's role.  We want to support the laboring mom and the laboring dad - and sometimes the laboring grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, etc.

So when you are considering a doula - it is important to consider the cost. But please don't let cost stop you from having a doula.  There are so many caring, energetic, responsive women wanting to provide labor support - find one that will be a good fit for you!