Monday, May 21, 2012

Is this Labor?

As the due date approaches and anticipation builds, an expectant mom is looking for any signs of labor.  It is not just due to her own anticipation, but all the many friends and relatives who are calling, stopping by, and asking, "Are you in labor?"

Don't dare bend over and hold your breath - the onlookers will be quickly dialing "9ll".  Expectations are high.

But labor is a combination of many factors.  It is typically not just contractions.  And as it progresses, the reality that "this is labor" usually becomes very clear without the insistent questions.

Sometimes one of the signs that things are loosening up is the loss of the mucous plug.  Although exciting, does it mean labor is imminent.  Unfortunately no.  I had one client who didn't go into labor for a couple of weeks after losing it.  And she was having her 4th child.  I've also had clients who did go into labor that same day.

So although it doesn't clearly tell you "this is labor", it is none the less a fun sight to share with others in the house (oh yes, many dads have been subjected to observing this progress),  and a topic to share with all the many anxious family and friends who are asking "is this labor?" 

Hang in there - a day will arrive soon when you can answer "YES". 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Storm Clouds Form

Pregnancy is an emotional time.  There seem to be many moments when things don't appear to be going in the right direction.  Are you dealing with nausea for days - or weeks?  Are the many bathroom breaks starting to wear on you?  Sleep is becoming a distant memory.

Bigger issues are dealing with doctor's appointments, what will the hospital policies be and how will you cope with everything?  The expenses climb - the anxiety climbs - storm clouds forming on the horizon.

But I was thinking about literal storm clouds tonight.  I see many labors start when there are big storms. The change in the barimetric pressure can cause the water to break - so during some of the worst storms - families and doulas are heading to a hospital.  But it also makes for a great story. 

Just as a storm passes and clears the air - emotional times of pregnancy pass and settle into a calmer time.  So literally as the "sun will come out tomorrow", keep moving forward, have a confidence about the future.  When storm clouds form - a bright sky is in the future!