Wednesday, September 12, 2012


All parents know how important the quality of patience is needed when raising children.  But where does that lesson start?  Soon after conception.

Are you not sure you are pregnant?  Perhaps you have to have patience in having this reality verified.  Then patience on having the pregnancy become well established.  Patience on telling family and friends may be needed.

Patience on learning if you are expecting a boy or a girl - or even more patience if you decide to delay that information until the birth itself.

But the most patience has to be exercised when the due date is approaching.  Allowing labor to start on it's own can be so helpful to having a safer, easier delivery.  Each day may seem like a year - the phone may be ringing off the hook from family and friends who are just "checking" on you.  This can make it more difficult to be patiently waiting. 

When labor does start - being patient in allowing it to increase at it's own pace is important.
But this can also be difficult.  This can be difficult on the doula also - to be on alert but not needed yet.
But in the end, the more labor is allowed to set the pace, the better the birth can turn out. 

So learning this lesson of patience in pregnancy/labor can be a great starting point for your new life as a parent.  Take a breath - enjoy the lesson - and have a great day!