Sunday, July 18, 2010


When a due date is given - and usually there is more than one given - a sense of anticipation follows - until, that is. it gets near that date. Then anticipation turns to anxiety as moms fear their baby will not come on that date and induction may have to follow. Will she have to have pitocen? Will the baby be too big?

It's a difficult journey to take when a mom goes postdate. Today I attended a mom's birth - she was 4l weeks. She had been lcm dialated for weeks with no change. Her doctor was going on vacation tomorrow and her doula in 5 days. The anxiety was building. But last night her baby decided to end the suspense and start labor. After weeks of no change - her body dialated quickly her baby arrived less than 4 hours after she reached the hospital. A lovely unmedicated birth. Next month, as she looks back on her birth - the days of anxiety over being postdate will have faded with the cherished memory of her birth. But hindsight is always easy - it is being in that period of postdate that is difficult. Of course - the "real" due date is already decided by your baby.

So if you are coming up to your due date, try to remember that your baby is very smart and your body knows what to do. Trust them both. Try to stay relaxed, hydrated, and rested. Best wishes on your lovely birth - when baby is able to choose his "due date".