Sunday, May 23, 2010


After almost 24 years of labor support duties, I can honestly say my joy is supporting families through several births. I realize being invited to a birth is a privilege - and when families see the value of inviting me again - I'm thrilled and humbled!

Recently I had the chance to continue to share the journey of birth with a family for the 3rd time. Nine years ago I was with this couple when they were having their first baby. It was a long labor supported by her family, his family and me. And in the end, mom and dad were amazing in birthing their baby.

Within 8 months, I had the joy of supporting her mom through her fourth birth - again surrounded by the same family members and concluding in a waterbirth. Within another l8 months, in the same room, I again shared the birth experience with the original couple in their 2nd birth. I remember thinking what a joyous journey I had experienced with this family.

Last week, I was again invited back - this time the couple choosing a homebirth in the water for their 3rd birth. I arrived in the early morning hours where we sat in the living room and chatted. As the sun came up, mom and I walked to visit family a few blocks away, then back home. Mom took a nap and within an hour was in "labor land". Everyone arrived including the midwives. Tub was filled and just after noon, mom delivered her child into her arms with the family sharing the moment.

I've seen generations of this family arrive. And I have learned that birth is always a challenging, exciting event. It is never the same, even with the same families. Worries change with each birth - and circumstances. But in the end, if you feel safe and supported, your birth memory can be a joyous one.

So thank you to all the families who have invited me on their journey. Thank you for sharing your memory with me. My hope is that as the generations of your family arrive, I can be a part of your happy event.