Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long, Long Labors

Have you ever heard  mom say, "I was in labor for 3 days" and you wonder, "How is that possible?"  or more often "Poor lady"....  Technically, medically the medical field does not like to start the clock counting until the contractions are so close and strong that you feel you have to head in to get help.

I however have always felt that the clock started when a mom has to deal with contractions which continue on until a baby arrives.  Contractions, even l5 minutes apart, can interrupt your sleep, eating, life cycle.  Everything takes a back door to a normal life once labor contractions start - no matter how hard you are trying NOT to focus on them.

I have been a part of supporting moms through days of contractions - but in the end, once the baby is in your arms - the process becomes a distant number - impressive absolutely - but a number.  That is why we are able to have another baby - to consider the possibility that a sibling would be a great plan....

Of course, once you are pregnant again, you suddenly realize you will again be going through labor.  My hope is that you consider getting professional labor support so that your birth memory will be a wonderful memory - even when it takes several days.  Labor brings our children to our arms so don't be afraid of the journey.